Welcome to Bj’s and Cupcakes where you’ll never leave on an empty stomach! I am Cupcake’s Cutie. Two of my favorite things to do, that makes me happy on a cloudy day, blow jobs and making cupcakes. Two things that without them, the world would be a much sadder place.

I am a student, exploring her place in the world. Learning new things about myself, about others. Searching for a full time job while maintaing a part-time job that provides me with enough income to make it till next month. I find refuge in music, solace in the people I’m lucky to call friends. I’m different and slightly crazy.

I am a kinky, boy and girl crazed female who loves talking about sex and having sex. I enjoy everything to do with it. I’m an adult, a mature (for the most part), sexual being.

I am submissive. A masochist. Chains and whips, and a lot more, excite me.

I make cupcakes for people that I love and people that holds a special place in my heart. Out of a batch of 24, I’ll probably have one. Two if I’m lucky. I make them because it makes me happy. I love seeing people eat them, knowing that for the next minute or so, they’re happy and enjoying something that is there, because of me, something that I made. I feel the same about blow jobs. Knowing I made someone I like reach that level of excitement, that level of pleasure, gives me so much inexplicable pleasure. I love to please the ones around me. I was sent to this world to please.

This place, this blog, Bj’s and Cupcakes, is here for me to share to you, my life, kinky and all. There will be posts about sex, bdsm, blow jobs, food, cupcakes, school and everything in-between. I want to share my world with you, let’s become friends, or enemies.

With that being said, this blog may get graphic at times. I won’t apologize for that because this is the internet, and I have the freedom to write what I wish. I’m  not harming anyone, and I am an adult.  There may be some things you don’t agree with, that’s ok, but please, don’t tell me to change my ways. To some, probably most, I may be considered a freak, and I am ok with that.  All I ask for is respect.

Well that’s me, in a tiny nutshell. Welcome to my crazy, somewhat normal world that is my life. I hope you have fun, and get to know me, and never leave with an empty stomach, or an empty mouth.

Eat up!

-Cupcake’s Cutie ❤

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Yes I am a masochist too. And as one masochist struggling with it, I find your blog inspirational – and hence I nominate you for the very inspiring blogger award. I hope you will accept (if you don’t have it already that is). I came across your blog when I first started out a couple of months ago, and I still love the things you mix here – food and submission. Love it. And you have made it beautiful as well. I have not managed that with mine….sigh. Anyway, congratulations – http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2150&action=edit&message=1

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